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Divided. Again.

History has been repeated for once more, and I have witnessed it all.
They got scared of the limited human forces - who threatened their survival.
Instead of themselves, they rushed to trust the evil soulless fiends. They fell for their lies, they got fooled, but yet, they would never admit that.

Fear led to cowardice, and therefore surrendering to the evil forces.

They were promised to be free, but promises were greedy intentions.

You could see the despair through their dangerous and piercing eyes.

If you got carried away, agreed to inject their poison; it would paralyze you.

The weakness of a man would envy the strength of another.

Blame, greed, anger, hate started a fire that could burn it all.

They said they cared so much, only if arrogance didn’t blind them.
Pathetic liars with no sense of empathy, thought they were heroes.

Brave humans were threatened to die, if they didn't succumb forthwith.
But they didn’t give in to this madness, they fought for their freedom.

Separation would bring an end to humanity, for God was let down; again.

Humans were capable of peace, and love, but they chose ignorance.


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