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A Mother’s Influence

  A Mother’s Influence  Clock’s ticking, birds fly - into the horizon - they are hugging the sky. To listen, to observe, to think, to preserve, to create a mythical stellar dream where he can summon radiant unicorns, and like the stars - to endlessly gleam. Time passes, a boy turns into a man, he loves his mother, and she loves her son. The dark spirits have spoken, he got his heart broken but they couldn’t harm him, his mother nourished his soul, she showed him the way, she became his lighting shield. They never expected to fight a man as strong as him, she taught him to be brave, for the day he would give his precious life, and the whole world he would redeem. Behind every strong, honest, and courageous man lies a strong and caring mother. She sacrifices a part of herself to see him flourish, to become strong, like his father. And when he claims his throne and finds his queen, she is still there to protect him, the mother of the king. Mike Tragas 2022/05/29  Chania, Greece


  When you reach rock-bottom, when your soul cries. Life stops vibrating, everything once vivid in pain dies. Filthy dark energetic entities knock at your door. You refuse to open, but they break in and spread mayhem. They enter your lizard brain, with no mercy at all. Now you are a slave to them, down on your knees, crawl. You are not good enough; you are a failure; you are nobody. These voices change your perception. The downfall begins. You want nothing, anyone, anything but to lie down, and sleep. You are begging not to wake up. One more day alive, hurts, deep. Stuck in your own tiny space, thoughts of death rapidly arise. You want to escape from yourself, which you truly hate. You are afraid of being alive, but not afraid of death. No one cares about you, alone until your last breath. Life becomes meaningless, love dies, you feel sick. You can’t take it anymore, stuck in this loop till you die. Mike Tragas 2022/01/20 Sweden, Stockholm

Divided. Again.

  History has been repeated for once more, and I have witnessed it all. They got scared of the limited human forces - who threatened their survival. Instead of themselves, they rushed to trust the evil soulless fiends. They fell for their lies, they got fooled, but yet, they would never admit that. Fear led to cowardice, and therefore surrendering to the evil forces. They were promised to be free, but promises were greedy intentions. You could see the despair through their dangerous and piercing eyes. If you got carried away, agreed to inject their poison; it would paralyze you. The weakness of a man would envy the strength of another. Blame, greed, anger, hate started a fire that could burn it all. They said they cared so much, only if arrogance didn’t blind them. Pathetic liars with no sense of empathy, thought they were heroes. Brave humans were threatened to die, if they didn't succumb forthwith. But they didn’t give in to this madness, they fought for their freedom. Separation

An Old Soul

The sacred consciousness of the projected starlight is mirroring his soul. Cuddling the ethereal magnificence of a lifeless shadow, once lived on earth. To him, it’s all familiar - the harmony of existence and the melody of his heartbeat. He’s been there before, seen it all, but there is no elixir to consciousness, he knows. Seasons come and go, and so does he; in different forms, shapes, and sizes. He loved women, and he loved men. He loved them all; for he was not always a man. Solitude reminds him of the old days of the war, where he was a soldier. He killed and got killed with honor and respect; until his last breath. They asked him to share his story. He refused. They didn’t deserve to know then. Knowledge without experience turns one arrogant because of the presence of fear. Emotions are just temporary. He has no need for them as he knows they make him weak. He observes souls trapped in madness and despair, but he knows there is nothing to do. They will call him crazy if he offe