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Dear Darkness

Dear Darkness, When you first came into my life, I felt helpless; I felt scared. My inner world fell apart every time you would come. I felt lonely, frightened and you were always there to show me how powerful, and important your existence was. We fought, we argued, we blamed each other but in the end, we came along. In the shake of my loneliness, I had to welcome you to gain at least a friend. Then I saw you crying, I had never seen so much pain in your eyes, darkness. We hugged each other like best friends and since then we are inseparable. When you visit me, my spiritual being rises to the top, where you lie and all of my fears and expectations are crawling to the surface. The poet inside me wakes up, your friend is here darkness and now he can express himself; he can be thyself, he can be one with you. Years passed for me to realize how significant you are, you made me strong and I am not afraid, not anymore. The most important welcome in my life w