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                      Racing thoughts are aching his mind, another human being is left behind. Panic and chaos are now dominating, the chance to live in reality is fragmented. The power of darkness, it lays there. Inside of a man’s head,  not elsewhere. It grows rapidly, tormenting with rage As for the man, he is the sheep, in the cage.  Feeling helpless, he is crawling to die.  His ego has taken place, it’s so alive.  The old habit of overthinking is there,  to rip out his heart and his soul to scare. Give this man a reason to resist, what it truly means here, to exist. Open his eyes, show him the way, His heart but not his mind to obey. Μιχάλης Τράγκας

Two Souls And Four Shadows

I don’t know who to trust and who to believe. To me, all they seem to be cowards - they pretend.       When you are lost and scared they will punish you And then you have to live, not a life but a nightmare. The fear of anger can turn us into demons  but the power of will is stronger, to make us stop. What they call "love" in our days is just ash. We are machines, or worse, we chose to be. As for me, I am all ears and eyes to watch this nightmare turns into something real. Sad moments when you need to erase it all but your mind won’t stop until you yield. I am out of the battlefield and strong I stand. The power inside me, all I will recover! And may this nightmare make me a King  to fight the enemy, the enemy within. Μιχάλης Τράγκας