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A golden dream, a broken soul

The poor young boy exchanged his life with gold, he wore the golden crown, they called him lord. They saw him as a god for he had so much power and he kept watching them for days from his tower. The young lord was feeling very wealthy and happy, seeing all this big crowd under him, he felt so lucky. He considered himself to be someone unique, and he wanted to be remembered as the rich Greek. The days passed and the Greek young lord felt alone, he had no family or wife but just a place on his throne. Then he ordered his servants to find him a beautiful lady who would give him love, affection, and a healthy baby. Many women were being brought there day by day but the king couldn’t find love and he started to pray. The clock was ticking while he had found gold, but not love and that thing made him feel like an injured white dove. A wise man with the name Socrates appeared then, he told him that he chose gold instead of Zen. “Zen is a state of bliss that wakes up your soul, energiz