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We Are Creators

We Are Creators  We are the creators of the universe, the ones who hold the magic in their hands. Pure human beings who are carrying pure love to embrace the universe. Peaceful creatures with peaceful hearts that shine upon cosmic energy.  We walk on earth to raise our vibrations and spread bliss. Take a look at the sky and don’t think about anything else. Close your eyes and breathe in the beauty of the fresh air. Fill your lungs with joy and happiness as it is, all that it is. Feel the aliveness within you in every part of yourself. There’s no time to judge, for there’s no time at all. At this moment everything you experience is real. The only thing to find inner peace is to be. Let yourself be beautiful, don’t judge it. You are important and so is everyone. You are not alone and you won’t ever be, Choose the path that leads to wisdom. And you will find what you are seeking.             Mike Tragas               Sweden, Stockholm               24-09-2014