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A golden dream, a broken soul

The poor young boy exchanged his life with gold, he wore the golden crown, they called him lord. They saw him as a god for he had so much power and he kept watching them for days from his tower. The young lord was feeling very wealthy and happy, seeing all this big crowd under him, he felt so lucky. He considered himself to be someone unique, and he wanted to be remembered as the rich Greek. The days passed and the Greek young lord felt alone, he had no family or wife but just a place on his throne. Then he ordered his servants to find him a beautiful lady who would give him love, affection, and a healthy baby. Many women were being brought there day by day but the king couldn’t find love and he started to pray. The clock was ticking while he had found gold, but not love and that thing made him feel like an injured white dove. A wise man with the name Socrates appeared then, he told him that he chose gold instead of Zen. “Zen is a state of bliss that wakes up your soul, energiz


                      Racing thoughts are aching his mind, another human being is left behind. Panic and chaos are now dominating, the chance to live in reality is fragmented. The power of darkness, it lays there. Inside of a man’s head,  not elsewhere. It grows rapidly, tormenting with rage As for the man, he is the sheep, in the cage.  Feeling helpless, he is crawling to die.  His ego has taken place, it’s so alive.  The old habit of overthinking is there,  to rip out his heart and his soul to scare. Give this man a reason to resist, what it truly means here, to exist. Open his eyes, show him the way, His heart but not his mind to obey. Μιχάλης Τράγκας

Two Souls And Four Shadows

I don’t know who to trust and who to believe. To me, all they seem to be cowards - they pretend.       When you are lost and scared they will punish you And then you have to live, not a life but a nightmare. The fear of anger can turn us into demons  but the power of will is stronger, to make us stop. What they call "love" in our days is just ash. We are machines, or worse, we chose to be. As for me, I am all ears and eyes to watch this nightmare turns into something real. Sad moments when you need to erase it all but your mind won’t stop until you yield. I am out of the battlefield and strong I stand. The power inside me, all I will recover! And may this nightmare make me a King  to fight the enemy, the enemy within. Μιχάλης Τράγκας

We Are Creators

We Are Creators  We are the creators of the universe, the ones who hold the magic in their hands. Pure human beings who are carrying pure love to embrace the universe. Peaceful creatures with peaceful hearts that shine upon cosmic energy.  We walk on earth to raise our vibrations and spread bliss. Take a look at the sky and don’t think about anything else. Close your eyes and breathe in the beauty of the fresh air. Fill your lungs with joy and happiness as it is, all that it is. Feel the aliveness within you in every part of yourself. There’s no time to judge, for there’s no time at all. At this moment everything you experience is real. The only thing to find inner peace is to be. Let yourself be beautiful, don’t judge it. You are important and so is everyone. You are not alone and you won’t ever be, Choose the path that leads to wisdom. And you will find what you are seeking.             Mike Tragas               Sweden, Stockholm               24-09-2014

For the love of my Mother

Some people love god, I love my mother, she is my god. Because she is my mother, she gives me fulfilled love. In moments of sorrow or despair, she is always there for me. She is the only one who reminds me of the importance of self-discovery. My mother means the world to me and nothing else matters. I am happy and lucky to be a son who has been so loved. Because nothing is stronger than the love of a mother. Even the mind can’t go between this pure feeling. I can’t stop thanking her for showing me the path to spirituality The only person that has shown me who I truly am, what I am, and what I am not - so I don't get lost in this dull world. And, if I ever get lost, she helps me find my way back again. Mother, I will always be there for you no matter what happens. I am happy by your side and your peaceful acceptance. The stars are shining in my eyes and my heart never lies. I owe you a lot. Thank you for being you. I love you. Μιχάλης Τράγκας