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Question yourself

         We are being absorbed in technology, modern robots of a poor civilization. Discovered so many things through history but now we are diving into an obsession. We got somehow connected with boats, planes, social media, and our phones but in the meanwhile we forgot ourselves, our hearts turned to stones. At school, we learn mostly unnecessary things that won't ever be needed, So many hours wasted away while we could have been spiritually seeded. They say knowledge is power and I don't mean in any point to disagree but what about meditation, self-questioning, self-realization, it's all free. We tend to idolize people who act, write, sing, or are talented in their way but they are usually not happy, something is always missing, needless to say. We have no time for ourselves, to explore the reason we are brought here, think of nature, the sky, the beauty of this planet, the rain, and shed a tear. We are fully scheduled to do things that will cover our entire tim