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A Real Friendship Is Built On Trust

I can feel your emotions, you don’t have to explain.  I can share your thoughts; we are on the same train. When you smile, I smile. When you cry, I smile. I am staying strong; even if it hurts, I know it's worthwhile. The memories we have built together won’t ever vanish, our friendship is made of these and a friendship can't perish. To be a friend is to be loyal. It takes years - and thus, many tears but together we stand strong and eliminate our darkest fears. I have been there for you; I have seen people coming in and out of your life. I have suffered while people were hurting you, while we were in strife. We have always listened to each other, without judging or criticizing. We gave up on ourselves to understand and feel each other for a better uprising. I would give up more than I could if I had to save you, my friend. Because you are a big piece in my life, a piece with no end. All I want to say is thank you for being there for me, as a brother, as a friend, I wil