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Don't forget to thank your own body...

I owe an apology to my beautiful body for carrying all this weight, please, forgive me, for not controlling my emotions. I didn't listen to you but you didn't leave me. All these sleepless nights you were there doing your best to keep me alive and healthy but i was too blind to see what you are going through, i wanted to become rich and wealthy.  I suddenly realized that i had been out of  control and  i was surrounded by negative energy but now i feel greater than ever, i am strong, enlightened, i am the brightest star in galaxy. How could i hurt you that bad by poisoning you with toxic food and make your organs bleed? I guess i was too busy finding happiness in wrong things, in soulless materials i don't really need.  Here i am tonight, after a good sleep and a clear mind writing to you for the first time, for now i realized that you go through all this with me and you are always there, anytime. You've got to take care of eighty six billion neurons in my

You are a part of it now, you are a knight.

Some days I feel bad, some days I feel good but I am sometimes of myself misunderstood. I am neither happy nor sad, I just miss my family, my brother, my sister, my mom and dad. Life is tough when you are alone, far away from your loved ones but just on your own, you fill yourself with new experiences, new friends, new events but you are still a lonely pawn. I have to work day and night to keep myself warm and food on the table, I am a tough guy and many people around me are laughing not knowing I am a free bird, and free birds fly. So I don't choose to be lonely but I choose to be free and you can either agree or disagree, but you have your own journey, your path so tonight I am giving you a piece of my art. As a writer I shared my feelings this night, I expressed myself, I wanted to write. The loneliness is fading away and now and everything around me seems to be bright. There is nothing to worry about, there is no loneliness and there are no problems left. Thank you for sha