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The Last Hero Of The Golden Kingdom

  His first name was Aaron, his second name justice. He carried a sword made of steel and grace. His strength was beyond all a man could imagine. He was raised to fight for his people, for their lives. They called him the blessed crusader of the golden kingdom he was protecting. His family, he would defend, brothers, sisters, until his death, he was a hero. When the night was falling he was praying, When the day was coming he was fighting. When the battle was over he would thank god. After thanking God, he would train for hours. He trained like a dragon but even the dragon’s the flame couldn’t stop him from bringing victory. Aaron was the god of the warriors but that  had a cost, he never had his own family. As a guardian angel of the golden kingdom, he dedicated his time to protect his people. He trained the soldiers, farmers, and women, for the day he would die, they had to be strong. As the years passed, Aaron became weaker. His strength abandoned him and he got sick. He knew

The Reason.

Religion is something that was created by humanity. Humanity will never understand the reason why. Why is the reason we are killing ourselves and others. Killing ourselves to understand the incomprehensible. The incomprehensible is where the fear strikes. The strike of fear is harmful as poison. Poison is something  green but also toxic. Toxic can be our life, if we don’t accept the presence. Accepting life can be beautiful and scary. Scary it is but stars are there to shine. Shine is what stars do to give us light. Light is bright and it makes us feel peaceful. ~Peaceful~ is a feeling we can feel in our life. Life is a short journey that we have to fulfil. To fulfil our life means to love and be present. Be present is to be alive and feel our existence. Existence is now and will always be there for us. Us, me and you and everyone, we are immortal. Immortal is the soul we are, not the soul we have. We have a body that includes a brain and it’s terrific. Te