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The Last Hero Of The Golden Kingdom

  His first name was Aaron, his second name justice. He carried a sword made of steel and grace. His strength was beyond all a man could imagine. He was raised to fight for his people, for their lives. They called him the blessed crusader of the golden kingdom he was protecting. His family, he would defend, brothers, sisters, until his death, he was a hero. When the night was falling he was praying, When the day was coming he was fighting. When the battle was over he would thank god. After thanking God, he would train for hours. He trained like a dragon but even the dragon’s the flame couldn’t stop him from bringing victory. Aaron was the god of the warriors but that  had a cost, he never had his own family. As a guardian angel of the golden kingdom, he dedicated his time to protect his people. He trained the soldiers, farmers, and women, for the day he would die, they had to be strong. As the years passed, Aaron became weaker. His strength abandoned him and he got sick. He knew

The Reason.

Religion is something that was created by humanity. Humanity will never understand the reason why. Why is the reason we are killing ourselves and others. Killing ourselves to understand the incomprehensible. The incomprehensible is where the fear strikes. The strike of fear is harmful as poison. Poison is something  green but also toxic. Toxic can be our life, if we don’t accept the presence. Accepting life can be beautiful and scary. Scary it is but stars are there to shine. Shine is what stars do to give us light. Light is bright and it makes us feel peaceful. ~Peaceful~ is a feeling we can feel in our life. Life is a short journey that we have to fulfil. To fulfil our life means to love and be present. Be present is to be alive and feel our existence. Existence is now and will always be there for us. Us, me and you and everyone, we are immortal. Immortal is the soul we are, not the soul we have. We have a body that includes a brain and it’s terrific. Te

The Awakening

                                              I am feeling so happy to be alive and to experience this short amazing path of life. It’s so great, I can’t even describe it with words but I can share my feelings. Every breath I take fills me with energy and with this energy I create love. Today it feels like summer while the setting sun is reflecting from the windows. There are no negative thoughts to take place but only by pure existence. I can see in every entity the spark of their flaming hearts, it’s so magnificent. The main reason we are alive is to love. It's the key for us to live a happy life. Love is found in everything but to find it, you must first, love yourself. When you love yourself, everything you want is getting attracted to you. Things go always good because you accept them as they are. Whoever judges, blames, is angry, or expressing any negative emotions, hasn’t found how special he is, he feels insecure, he must love himself. We people, we often tend to th


                                                                        It’s five o’clock in the morning, but I am up since 4. The sky is covered in the dark, the night is still on.  The alcohol is floating in my veins, trying to find a way to escape. This bittersweet exhausting feeling, this pain in my head. At the moment I can see, I can feel, her strength gave up on me, she opened the door and left. She was innocent as a bird, trying to fly over the world. She wanted to breathe in life, she wanted to breathe out love. I always had to be the‘strong’ one, but we both suffered. The world for us was something hard, so we held our hands together. It may sound sweet and it was, it was. I could always feel this spark with her, I felt safe. I could write for hours this painful night but I won’t. I will continue playing this theatre in the game of life. At this moment I don’t care about my health, nor money, For this is the worst day in my life and I admit, I feel scared. Μιχάλης Τ

I am more than a thinker, i am a Poet.

A Poet expresses himself through words, he doesn’t harm others. His heart arouses his mind and by that, he could write for hours. A Poet feels lonely most of the time, then his majesty arises. He recreates the world, adds more color and it’s full of surprises. But there are times that a Poet can’t think to resist his mind, there his thoughts are taking over, his worn out eyes go blind. Limitless sleepless nights, trying to escape the harsh reality Fear, anger, and loneliness are decreasing his vitality. A Poet is not led by his knowledge, but by his rare soul and there are times of disagreement when he gets out of control. It’s hard for us to understand what a poet wants to say, express  because he speaks from his heart, he is not mind obsessed. Every poem has a story and every story has another story to tell. Believe it or not, you are yourself a Poet, you have a soul as well. Let your poetic self give you hope, become curious. Take your mask off, open yourself up, don't

Spiritual Immortality

The clouds have spoken, they are about to cry tears of holy water. The fallen angels have laid eyes on us, protecting us. The fairy tales are casting immortal spells of wisdom. Imagination will not rise, nor pain but acceptance, and divinity. The streaming love is flowing inside your mankind. You are guarded by the deity of our mother earth. Your pure lungs are breathing colorful flowers. Life is the path to enlightenment, life is everything. The winter breeze has come to light our souls with snow. A branch covered with snow is the softness inside us. The green has been covered by "white" to give us a lesson. This season is a white-winged butterfly touching a green leaf. Give up on your beliefs for one moment and listen to the violin playing. It will inflame your eardrums and emotions and it will reach your heart. The clouds, The streaming love, and The winter breeze has brightly arrived. May your spirit rise and shine, and may your love be eternal as the time is. Μιχά

A golden dream, a broken soul

The poor young boy exchanged his life with gold, he wore the golden crown, they called him lord. They saw him as a god for he had so much power and he kept watching them for days from his tower. The young lord was feeling very wealthy and happy, seeing all this big crowd under him, he felt so lucky. He considered himself to be someone unique, and he wanted to be remembered as the rich Greek. The days passed and the Greek young lord felt alone, he had no family or wife but just a place on his throne. Then he ordered his servants to find him a beautiful lady who would give him love, affection, and a healthy baby. Many women were being brought there day by day but the king couldn’t find love and he started to pray. The clock was ticking while he had found gold, but not love and that thing made him feel like an injured white dove. A wise man with the name Socrates appeared then, he told him that he chose gold instead of Zen. “Zen is a state of bliss that wakes up your soul, energiz