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Happy 55th Birthday

The woman is growing wiser, the woman stands up with resilience and dignity. Her attitude towards life is the antidote to eternity in this chaotic world. The necessity, the harness to expand in the physical and spiritual realm makes this woman unique; this woman embraces infinite immortality. The years are passing by, each day on earth gives her gratitude. To read, to listen, to observe, to be kind, to be generous, to be thyself is all that it is to get one step closer to reach spiritual enlightenment. Life on earth was not a random decision but a pre-planned journey. You can see the reflection of a human by the way she treats animals. She pets a cat, she saves a life, she pets a dog, she gives a new home. The awareness and responsibility if not exhaustion to keep them alive by indulging her time and putting so much effort to save innocent lives. She is also a mother, a caretaker, a home, a place where the family enjoys freedom. To virtue of raising humble children in this

Dear Darkness

Dear Darkness, When you first came into my life, I felt helpless; I felt scared. My inner world fell apart every time you would come. I felt lonely, frightened and you were always there to show me how powerful, and important your existence was. We fought, we argued, we blamed each other but in the end, we came along. In the shake of my loneliness, I had to welcome you to gain at least a friend. Then I saw you crying, I had never seen so much pain in your eyes, darkness. We hugged each other like best friends and since then we are inseparable. When you visit me, my spiritual being rises to the top, where you lie and all of my fears and expectations are crawling to the surface. The poet inside me wakes up, your friend is here darkness and now he can express himself; he can be thyself, he can be one with you. Years passed for me to realize how significant you are, you made me strong and I am not afraid, not anymore. The most important welcome in my life w

Question yourself

         We are being absorbed in technology, modern robots of a poor civilization. Discovered so many things through history but now we are diving into an obsession. We got somehow connected with boats, planes, social media, and our phones but in the meanwhile we forgot ourselves, our hearts turned to stones. At school, we learn mostly unnecessary things that won't ever be needed, So many hours wasted away while we could have been spiritually seeded. They say knowledge is power and I don't mean in any point to disagree but what about meditation, self-questioning, self-realization, it's all free. We tend to idolize people who act, write, sing, or are talented in their way but they are usually not happy, something is always missing, needless to say. We have no time for ourselves, to explore the reason we are brought here, think of nature, the sky, the beauty of this planet, the rain, and shed a tear. We are fully scheduled to do things that will cover our entire tim

Think again.

We are numbers in their eyes, big corporations, big lies. Money temptation, eternal suffocation. They give you a job, you think you are lucky, you start work, you are not happy. They are raising their voices on you but don't react, down with your head, you are a slave, it's a fact. They offer you some money for your hard work and you are buying things to forget , but you forget the clock. They are violating your soul, you go home broken every night Another living dead human being they have destroyed, goodnight. So you wake up and getting ready to go and work again, a vicious circle it is and you have lost something, your brain. You serve your customers and you are their slave, for you have to be so, otherwise you are not brave. And if you are not brave and can't accept this, you will get kicked, but no worries they will find another soul, you were not picked. Picked for no reason for you are nothing but a piece of their game, fool your customers, tear yourself apart and d

Happy Birthday

              Golden woman with the golden soul, happy birthday may i say and fall. Your kindness, your warm heart and your beautiful smile, tonight i will call. The flower inside you, the flower you are, the earth's shining star. Rise and shine into the horizon for i need you tonight, you are my earthstar. The way you look at me in the eyes, it's curing my heart with butterflies and the way you kiss, makes me feel calm and all i can feel is eternal peace. Every moment spending with you is special, it is for me something essential. You can call it awareness or as you want but only you have the credential. You are a gift from god and god makes no mistakes, so listen to me. Let yourself be beautiful and rise to the sky, find your star and dive. Show the universe who you really are and don΄t be afraid, i am with you, live your life, live your dream, open your heart and you will see, god knew. Miracles don't happen day by day, they are chosen for some reason understand the m

Don't forget to thank your own body...

I owe an apology to my beautiful body for carrying all this weight, please, forgive me, for not controlling my emotions. I didn't listen to you but you didn't leave me. All these sleepless nights you were there doing your best to keep me alive and healthy but i was too blind to see what you are going through, i wanted to become rich and wealthy.  I suddenly realized that i had been out of  control and  i was surrounded by negative energy but now i feel greater than ever, i am strong, enlightened, i am the brightest star in galaxy. How could i hurt you that bad by poisoning you with toxic food and make your organs bleed? I guess i was too busy finding happiness in wrong things, in soulless materials i don't really need.  Here i am tonight, after a good sleep and a clear mind writing to you for the first time, for now i realized that you go through all this with me and you are always there, anytime. You've got to take care of eighty six billion neurons in my

You are a part of it now, you are a knight.

Some days I feel bad, some days I feel good but I am sometimes of myself misunderstood. I am neither happy nor sad, I just miss my family, my brother, my sister, my mom and dad. Life is tough when you are alone, far away from your loved ones but just on your own, you fill yourself with new experiences, new friends, new events but you are still a lonely pawn. I have to work day and night to keep myself warm and food on the table, I am a tough guy and many people around me are laughing not knowing I am a free bird, and free birds fly. So I don't choose to be lonely but I choose to be free and you can either agree or disagree, but you have your own journey, your path so tonight I am giving you a piece of my art. As a writer I shared my feelings this night, I expressed myself, I wanted to write. The loneliness is fading away and now and everything around me seems to be bright. There is nothing to worry about, there is no loneliness and there are no problems left. Thank you for sha